The Color Green

My grandparents have a swimming pool that is shaped like the number 8. During the right time of day, when the sun was not so high in the sky, the pool was the most beautiful blue.

However, the grass that lay outside of the pool, wrapping the edges of the water, was the brightest green.

Growing up, my siblings and I would spend countless hours in this pool. Oh, the games we would play in this pool!

The sun would shine, you could feel the burn on your skin.

The deep end was where the sharks would live. Eight feet deep, you would need to be extra careful on that end.

The diving board was a place of freedom mixed with the smallest amount of fear.

Step…….one two, up and for the briefest moment you floated, almost hovered above the still blue water.

You felt free, weightless.

Just one second and you would be consumed by the water.

Down under you could feel the pressure of the deep on your eardrums. How long can you hold your breath? Just long enough to till you hear gram shriek from the shallow end.

Give the bottom of the pool a little tap, and up you would go.

Ah, fresh air. You could feel the burn on your skin.

Hours and hours would pass, we would never tire. Endless games and teams were made, nothing made sense but nobody cared.

Life seemed so simple and in fact, was so simple. No cares in the world.

Eventually, when your skin turned a pale white and your fingers became so wrinkly, our day at the pool would end.

Quick, dry off! Don’t bring any grass into the house with your wet feet! Don’t be the last one, hurry…..hurry!

Leave your towels out on the deck to dry. Step into the house, until tomorrow.

Feel the comfort of home, safety, and familiar noises.

My grandparents have a swimming pool that is shaped like the number 8.

Over and out.