The Color Pink

Growing up in New England has made me appreciate each season change. Spring was one of my favorites. Coming out of the long winter months, it was always so exciting to see fresh colors pop up all over the place. The color pink reminds me of this time. There is pink in the morning sky, pink in the morning dew, and of course, pink in the new flowers budding all over the place.

However, living in Southern California has made me appreciate this color in a whole new way. Pink surrounds us all year long. There is pink in each sunset, pink in all of the wildflowers that grow along the banks and hills, and i’ll go as far to say that sometimes when i’m in the sun my skin feels pink. Have you ever felt like you can physically feel a color? I digress…

Going back to my original memory, the color pink immediately makes me think of the fresh hydrangea tree that was in the back of our house growing up. This tree would bloom every spring and the flowers were massive! Dark pink, light pink, peach, white…..all tucked away in this tree. The color pink.

Over and out.