The Color Green

My grandparents have a swimming pool that is shaped like the number 8. During the right time of day, when the sun was not so high in the sky, the pool was the most beautiful blue.

However, the grass that lay outside of the pool, wrapping the edges of the water, was the brightest green.

Growing up, my siblings and I would spend countless hours in this pool. Oh, the games we would play in this pool!

The sun would shine, you could feel the burn on your skin.

The deep end was where the sharks would live. Eight feet deep, you would need to be extra careful on that end.

The diving board was a place of freedom mixed with the smallest amount of fear.

Step…….one two, up and for the briefest moment you floated, almost hovered above the still blue water.

You felt free, weightless.

Just one second and you would be consumed by the water.

Down under you could feel the pressure of the deep on your eardrums. How long can you hold your breath? Just long enough to till you hear gram shriek from the shallow end.

Give the bottom of the pool a little tap, and up you would go.

Ah, fresh air. You could feel the burn on your skin.

Hours and hours would pass, we would never tire. Endless games and teams were made, nothing made sense but nobody cared.

Life seemed so simple and in fact, was so simple. No cares in the world.

Eventually, when your skin turned a pale white and your fingers became so wrinkly, our day at the pool would end.

Quick, dry off! Don’t bring any grass into the house with your wet feet! Don’t be the last one, hurry…..hurry!

Leave your towels out on the deck to dry. Step into the house, until tomorrow.

Feel the comfort of home, safety, and familiar noises.

My grandparents have a swimming pool that is shaped like the number 8.

Over and out.



The Color Pink

Growing up in New England has made me appreciate each season change. Spring was one of my favorites. Coming out of the long winter months, it was always so exciting to see fresh colors pop up all over the place. The color pink reminds me of this time. There is pink in the morning sky, pink in the morning dew, and of course, pink in the new flowers budding all over the place.

However, living in Southern California has made me appreciate this color in a whole new way. Pink surrounds us all year long. There is pink in each sunset, pink in all of the wildflowers that grow along the banks and hills, and i’ll go as far to say that sometimes when i’m in the sun my skin feels pink. Have you ever felt like you can physically feel a color? I digress…

Going back to my original memory, the color pink immediately makes me think of the fresh hydrangea tree that was in the back of our house growing up. This tree would bloom every spring and the flowers were massive! Dark pink, light pink, peach, white…..all tucked away in this tree. The color pink.

Over and out.



The Color Blue

Growing up, the beach was a place my mother took my siblings and I. My mom would wake all three of us up early in the morning, pile us in the car and head to the beach. As a child, these summer days felt magical. We would always be the first to arrive which gave us the opportunity to find the perfect spot to lay down our territory for the day. We loved having the ocean to ourselves for an hour or two. My mom always made the best sandwiches, which were promptly eaten no later then 10am for some reason.

I observed, from my mother, that the ocean was a place where time stood still. I would watch my mom walk to the oceans edge and let the water run across and over her feet. The color blue will always remind me of the warmth on my skin and my siblings laughter as we would catch waves with our boogie boards. The color blue will always remind me of long walks with my mom while looking for seaglass and other treasures. And the color blue will always remind me of the drive home from the beach. I’m not sure why, but I always felt like my spirit was full of something really good as we left the ocean.

Now, when I paint with the color blue, it brings several memories and moments to life. I think about the color of my sons eyes, which makes me think of the sound of his laughter. I think about the California sky and how when the ocean and sky meet it looks like it never ends. I remember riding my bike down the old dirt road in Vermont, following my brother who had a dark blue helmet. My grandmothers car with the light blue exterior and an interior that always smelt like spearmint, lipstick and White Linen by Este Lauder.

Remembering colors, memories, and feelings and putting them into a painting is a way to make sense of things. Textures and patterns evolve from color, at least in my process.

Over and out.




All That and a Bag of Chips

Having a baby is a game changer, enough said. Becoming a mother is the best role I've ever been given. The most surreal feeling is holding your baby, looking at each other for the first time...its a moment i'll never forget. Learning how to take care of this small incredible person was scary at first. I was so unsure of myself, was he too hot, too cold... how the heck do you swaddle? The days pass and you just 'know'. You begin trust yourself. You trust that you can do it. In the beginning it is a lot to take in. Becoming a mother means you can now multitask. Feeding the baby while feeding yourself, no problem. Singing songs, holding your baby in one hand and trying to fold the laundry with the other is easy. Becoming a mother means you are someone else's whole world. When I realized this it gave me such a sense of purpose in my new role as 'mama'. 

However, sometimes it is so easy to feel like you are failing. There are days when you'll be so tired but I'm learning that it's okay. I'm learning that piles of laundry, dishes in the sink and my ever growing to-do list can wait. It can all wait. Because what i'm doing now, raising a son is what needs to be focused on. Since having my son it has taught me to be present. To focus on what is important, spending quality time with loved ones. 

Taking the time to make art has been hard. It is only recently that I started to get back into the swing of things. I found that as much as I want to work on large paintings, I don't have the time at the moment. I started to work in a small watercolor sketchbook, creating one sketch a day. It was actually my husbands idea. I'm excited to bring all of my small ideas, little tastes of inspiration into this small sketchbook and hopefully this summer while i'm not teaching, take these sketches and turn them into larger paintings.

So here is to being a mom. Here is to loving each moment of every day I get to love and serve my little human. Here is learning that the little things really don't matter. And, here is to not giving up on what you hold dear to you. 


Moving to California


Beverly Massachusetts was truly my home away from home. I grew up there. It's where I explored and discovered who I was. In Beverly I graduated college, got my first job, fell in love, got married and started a home. Beverly was the best place to be!

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Our church was there, the ocean was only a block away, and there were some of my favorite boutiques and coffee shops at my fingertips. As with all things- comes change and transition. Jesse and I found ourselves with an amazing opportunity to uproot to Orange County California. For my husband, this is his stomping ground. His childhood is in California as well as the feelings of comfort and familiarity. I always love changing things up, I enjoy the 'newness' of things. Although, as the day drew near for us to leave on our road trip I was beginning to feel myself overcome with emotions and fear. Naturally, I was afraid to leave what was comfortable. I was afraid about being far from my family and friends and the life that we had built in Beverly. What made each day easy was knowing that God has called us to move. When taking down photos and gathering boxes, reminding myself that, 'God is in this...GOD IS IN THIS HALEY', made a tearful transition one of the most exciting i've had yet.  We packed up the truck and our two cats, Pip and Felix, and began the journey with my sister-in-law and her husband. There were ups and downs on the trip, emotions (at least for me), were sometimes running high, but all in all it was an amazing trip and I am thankful for each day. I am thankful for the beautiful things we got to see. I am thankful for getting to spend quality time with Kimberly and Justin.

We made it to California and it truly has been an amazing transition. Jesse and I have been overwhelmed with love from family and friends. I love the fact that our new apartment is starting to feel like 'home', and that I don't need to use google maps to get around here anymore. The colors here are amazing! There are so many rich colors in the valleys and the oceans, and I am excited to have a new source of inspiration to bring into my art practice. So here's to a place we call home and to the constant reminder that God is with us each step of the way. He's created beauty in all things.